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Propane Installation, Propane Delivery and Much More in Vance County and Beyond

Residential home fuel services in Louisburg, Townsville and other communities

Rose Oil Company knows what it takes to be the best home heating fuel supplier and service provider. Our highly-rated propane, heating oil and kerosene services are within your reach, whether you live in Butner or Bunn or Williamsboro or Wake Forest.

We are 100% committed to bringing you superior products and high-level customer service, with prompt and efficient fuel oil and propane delivery.

Propane heaters, gas logs, generators, gas piping and more in Henderson

Propane offers a lot to enhance your home and your quality of life. Here’s a closer look at all we can do to help. You can count on us for:

  • Reliable and prompt propane delivery for heating your home, powering your appliances, generating hot water and more.
  • Propane installation of tanks and piping for both existing homes and newly constructed homes
  • Propane cylinder refills for grills, mosquito traps, portable generators, RV appliances, portable patio heaters and portable fire pit tables
  • Gas log sales and installation
  • Monthly payment plan
  • Propane heaters
  • Propane water heaters
  • Heating oil delivery
  • Kerosene delivery
  • Heating oil and kerosene tank installation
  • Oil and kerosene heating system service and repair
  • Delivery plans to fit your schedule and budget

Our trained professionals know that propane needs to be handled with care, and we maintain strict standards to ensure the safety of our customers and their property. Learn More

propane delivery north carolina

Heating oil and kerosene in Louisburg, Townsville, Macon and beyond

Fuel oil from Rose Oil Co. is a safe and affordable way to keep your home warm and comfortable. We offer competitive heating oil and kerosene prices and reliable, safe deliveries. Customers can also enroll in our payment plan at no charge to help keep winter heating costs under control.

Contact us today about:

  • Heating oil or kerosene delivery, including our free autofill service.
  • Heating oil and kerosene tank installation
  • Heating oil and kerosene burner service and repair

Get in touch today

Looking to become a Rose Oil customer or to find out more about our propane, heating oil and kerosene services? Call 252-438-7141 to reach our Henderson or Spring Hope office, or contact us online. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you any way we can!