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commercial propane north carolina

Propane delivery and propane service for your North Carolina business

Rose Oil makes sure your business has the propane it needs.

At Rose Oil we meet the propane service needs of businesses around the Piedmont Triangle region in many ways. From Nash County to Mecklenburg County to Wilson County and more, our region has diverse businesses and diverse fuel needs. That’s why Rose Oil should be your choice for your propane delivery provider. We can serve a variety of industries including:

Our trained professionals know the area, and we’re dedicated to providing you with the best propane service around. Rose Oil offers flexibility for propane delivery. You can sign up for our automatic fill plan, or order fuel on-demand on a call-in basis when it fits your schedule.
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Food service
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Health care

If your business uses propane in Franklin County and elsewhere, we can help

Restaurants, hotels, resorts, dry cleaners, greenhouses, farms, offices and warehouses are among the many businesses in North Carolina that rely on propane service and propane delivery to keep their operations prospering.

  • Restaurants and commercial kitchens use propane for cooking.
  • Propane is a go-to fuel for generating temporary heating at a construction site.
  • Landscape companies can use propane for their commercial mowers.
  • Propane powers forklifts that can work both indoors and out, making it an ideal choice for warehouses and factories.
  • Commercial propane heaters keep barns and greenhouses warm.

In the residential-construction industry, smart builders have been incorporating propane into their design plans for high-efficiency propane homes. Building with propane is much better for the environment than electricity, and utilizing propane in a home design can earn points toward LEED certification.

Propane is also the best choice for backup generators for businesses (and homes), since it can be stored indefinitely and will not deteriorate over time, like gasoline, or thicken in cold weather, like diesel.

Contact us today

If you’re interested in becoming a Rose commercial propane customer or want to request a free quote on our services in services in Middlesex, Knightdale and other communities, reach out to us today.

Call 252-438-7141 to reach our Henderson or Spring Hope office, or contact us online. Visit our service area page to see if we provide commercial propane service in your town.