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Why Tuning Up Your Heating System Is Important

October 25, 2021
Top 4 Reasons to Tune-Up your Heater Now Scheduling a fall heater tune-up is more important than many people realize. Whether your heater is on the newer side or has been around for decades – especially if it’s been around for decades – a yearly tune-up and inspection can save you money on your energy […]

Propane Vs. Electricity: The Truth

September 29, 2021
Apples to Oranges: Which Energy Source Saves You More? There is a lot of confusing information out there when trying to compare propane and electricity as energy sources. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that they are measured using different types of units – propane in BTUs and electricity in kilowatts. Read on […]

Why Install a Propane Wall Heater?

August 30, 2021
With temperatures soaring here in North Carolina, tackling a heating problem is probably one of the last things on your mind right now. But now is exactly when you should be thinking about heating issues if you want to be ready once temperatures drop. One of the most common issues that we hear our customers […]

Our Monthly Payment Plan Keeps Things on an Even Keel

July 31, 2021
To say that it’s been a bumpy year so far is probably an understatement – most of us can use a dose of predictability, especially when it comes to money matters. We can’t control the news cycle, but we can help make your fuel bill paying a little less stressful – thanks to our monthly payment […]

Tankless Propane Water Heaters: 5 Advantages

June 22, 2021
Why pay to heat water you’re not going to use – or to reheat already warmed water that’s been sitting in a tank? That’s the thinking behind a propane tankless water heater, which instantly heats the water you need – and only the water you need – to use. Operating this way gives a tankless […]

Propane Home Safety Reminders

May 24, 2021
You may not heat your home with propane during the summer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t using the gas during the hot months for your built-in grill, water heater, pool or spa heater, backup generator, or other outdoor living equipment. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to revisit some propane safety […]

Tank Loaner Program: Save Money & Reduce Downtime

April 26, 2021
Want an easy way to boost profits and distance yourself from competitors in a commercial construction project or farm? Rose Oil has a solution: our commercial Tank Loaner program. Our Tank Loaner program brings commercial-grade fuel tanks to your site for the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Safe, attractive, mobile, and easily transported, our tanks […]

What Happens If I Run Out Of Propane Gas?

March 29, 2021
It’s never a good idea to let your propane tank run out of gas—not just because it will interrupt your heating service (which will cost you money to restart), but also because it creates significant safety risks for your propane-powered home. If You Run Out Of Propane Here are four things that could happen if […]

Propane Vs. Natural Gas

February 22, 2021
There’s a lot of information out there about natural gas and propane –two high-efficiency gas-based home energy alternatives. While marketing usually paints natural gas as the clear head-to-head winner between the fuels, the truth is that propane offers key advantages over natural gas that could tip the scale in its favor, depending on your specific […]

Why Do I Need A Propane Tank Monitor?

January 25, 2021
We love Automatic Fill for propane delivery at Rose Oil—it’s a great way to simplify your heating season and avoid the many hassles of a propane gas run-out! But… Automatic Fill will never be a perfect solution. Why’s that? Because it relies on estimates. For example, we’ll factor how much propane you’ve used in the […]