Shocking spike in fuel prices is hurting all of us. Click here.

How has heating oil changed in the past 20 years?

heating oil facts north carolinaIf you’re a Rose Oil customer, you already know that when you get heating oil or kerosene from us, you’re getting a reliable, safe and energy-efficient fuel to keep your home cozy and warm. But did you know that you can also feel confident in your fuel choice, because heating oil has only gotten better over time? Read on to learn more about the benefits of modern heating oil.

Not your grandma’s heating oil

New technologies in recent years facilitated refinements that improved heating oil in a variety of ways:

Rose Oil – proudly serving North Carolina for over 80 years!

Whether you’re upgrading your heating system or looking for fair kerosene or heating oil pricing in the Piedmont Triangle Region, Rose Oil is the company you can trust, and that’s been the case since we started delivering fuel oil in 1938.

From Williamsboro to Wake Forest, if you’re looking for a reliable fuel company, look no further than Rose Oil. And, while our company has grown to include new products and services and more communities, we continue to hold true to our commitment to outstanding service, fair pricing and community involvement.

If you’re interested in becoming a Rose Oil customer, please reach out.

How propane & heating oil are environmentally friendly

earth friendly fuel north carolinaWhether you are getting heating oil or propane from Rose Oil, you know you’re getting a reliable, safe, and energy-efficient fuel to keep your home or business cozy, warm, and productive. But did you know that just by using eco-friendly propane or heating oil, you are also helping the environment and working to reduce your carbon footprint? Read on to learn more about how Rose Oil’s eco-friendly fuels can make a big difference for our world.

Benefits of using home heating oil in North Carolina

Propane is clean-burning

By now, everyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint – that should be all of us, right? – is hopefully on board with propane, due to its green status as a clean-burning fuel with nearly zero carbon emissions. Propane is natural and nontoxic. It doesn’t let off harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and it doesn’t hurt wildlife or contaminate water or soil if released into the environment.

Energy-efficient propane pays off for homes and businesses

In the residential-construction industry, smart builders have been incorporating propane into their design plans for high-efficiency propane homes. Building with propane is much better for the environment than electricity, and utilizing propane in a home design can earn points toward LEED certification.

Your neighbors love Rose Oil and so will you!

There’s a reason Rose Oil has been serving the Piedmont Triangle region for more than 80 years. It’s because we value our customers, their needs, their budgets, their time and their opinions. Become a customer, or find out more about our fuel oil services in Vance, Granville, Franklin, Warren, Wake, Durham, Wilson, and South Side Virginia counties.

We have built a solid reputation for offering our customers competitive pricing, timely and safe propane delivery, and superlative customer service – and we are proud to do our part to stop climate change and protect the environment.

Is it time for a heating oil or propane tank upgrade?

fuel tank upgrade north carolinaHeating oil and propane tanks are made to last nowadays, but they don’t last forever. If your tank is on the older side or showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time to think about replacing it – especially as spring approaches and demand for heating equipment is lower. Read on to learn more about what to look for when evaluating the health of your heating oil or propane tank.

Signs your tank has seen better days

Do you know what signs are red flags for a propane or heating oil tank? If you notice any of the following characteristics, it’s a good idea to touch base with your favorite energy experts at Rose Oil to find out what your options are for repairing or upgrading your tank. Be sure to report any signs of:

Save money with Rose Oil’s propane and heating oil delivery services

If you’re seeing any of the above signs of wear on your fuel tank or are considering an upgrade, contact the energy experts at Rose Oil to find out about your options. When you become a Rose Oil propane, heating oil, or kerosene customer, you also get the most reliable fuel deliveries in your area. Rose Oil provides service throughout many counties within North Carolina–Vance, Granville, Franklin, Warren, Wake, Durham, Wilson, and South Side Virginia counties.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve been getting many calls around two connected issues: the surge in fuel prices and supply concerns. People are astounded by how much prices have risen and how fast. So are we. They are also concerned that there will be interruptions in supply that will cause them to run out of fuel. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine shocked energy markets, sending crude oil to record territory and spiking all energy prices. We’ve had increases from our heating oil suppliers of over $1.25 per gallon in less than a week. Propane prices have been better but still increased over 40 cents per gallon. And the situation remains very fluid.

What’s Coming Next?

We don’t know where things will go from here. One thing we can tell you is that we hate this as much as you do. Some people are under the misconception that when prices rise, we make more money. The opposite is true. People cut back usage. They have trouble paying their bills, and our receivables skyrocket. Meanwhile, we must pay our suppliers in just ten days. We must borrow much more from the bank. It is an awful mess for everyone.

One thing you can count on is that we will not let you run out. We have been in business for many years and have very strong relationships with suppliers and financial institutions. We are already getting calls from customers who are with other companies that can’t say the same. These customers are unable to get deliveries for 20 days out. You don’t have to worry about that with us.

If you are having trouble paying your bill, talk to us before it becomes a problem. Many times, we can work out something to give you more time, especially if you’ve been with us a while. We can also set you up on a monthly payment plan.

Nothing will make us happier than when prices start dropping. Until then, trust us to look out for you, and let’s pray for the people of Ukraine.

Propane safety is easy with simple tips

safe propane use north carolinaPropane safety is simple, so long as fuel providers and customers both abide by basic guidelines. For Rose Oil customers, the safety education process begins with knowing that our experienced professionals are extensively and continuously trained on how to handle propane with care.

We maintain strict standards to ensure the safety of our customers and their property. Read on to learn tips you can employ for peace of mind that your propane – and your family’s safety – are in good hands with Rose Oil.

Top propane safety council guides our process

While customers don’t typically handle much propane equipment – our experts take care of that – educating our customers provides an extra layer of protection in the rare event that something goes wrong, such as a propane leak. The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) has many resources to help our customers learn more about safely dealing with propane appliances, whether you’re cooking food or running a hot water heater.

What to do if you smell gas

As part of our commitment to safety, we want you to know how to protect yourself and the people around you if you smell gas in your home, business, RV, fleet vehicle or area near gas equipment. There’s no need to panic-that never helps anything, does it? Instead, should you ever smell gas, follow these imperative, life-saving steps immediately.

Get propane peace of mind with Rose Oil experts on your side

At Rose Oil, we’re dedicated to consumer safety when it comes to propane. Become a customer today to learn more about how you can depend on our experts to make your safety their top priority.

Dear Valued Customer,

Once again, we’re seeing energy prices surge across the board. We know how painful that can be for our customers. It’s painful for us as well.

What’s going on?

Gasoline has risen more than a dollar more per gallon vs. year ago. Natural gas prices have skyrocketed more than 150%. Crude oil prices have climbed above $100 per barrel, a level we haven’t seen in seven years. Wholesale propane prices have hit their highest weekly average levels since February 2014. The cost of electricity has not been spared either.

We share your pain

People sometimes misunderstand how negatively all this impacts us as well. We don’t make more money when prices rise like this- we make less. Think of it this way: it’s like when the cost of coffee, milk or oranges rise. It’s not the local grocery that is profiting (look instead at the producers and wall street hedge funds.)

Our customers have a harder time paying their bills. They reduce their purchases. We need to tap into our lines of credit more. Our phones light up with questions. The sooner energy prices drop, the happier we’ll be.

In the meantime, please talk to us about things we can offer to help you reduce your energy costs, or handle payments more easily. And if you are having trouble with your bills, please call us. We can generally work with you if you reach out before you fall behind.

Trust us to come through for you

We’ve been in business for many years and have deep roots in the community. We have secure access to supply. We are doing everything possible to ensure we can deliver—even if other companies cannot—no matter the cost or difficulty we face.

We thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your loyalty. As we’ve done quite a few times in the past, we will get through these tough times by all working together.

Tune-ups, upgrades, new tanks, oh my!

new fuel tanks north carolinaWhat better way to start the year off than with the confidence that your heating system is in tip-top shape? Okay, okay….your heater’s health may not be your number one priority in terms of your personal or business goals for the coming year. But hear us out: heater care is a form of self-care, at least, in a roundabout way. A neglected heating system has a way of making itself “heard” in the form of costly repairs and inconvenient breakdowns.

By making a New Year’s resolution to proactively ensure your heater is working as it should, you can save yourself a good deal of time, stress, and money. Invest in your heating system to get this year off on the right foot, and you’ll be glad you did!

Tune-ups prevent breakdowns

Getting an annual tune-up is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make sure that any problems with your heater can be addressed and remedied before a small issue becomes a big mess. The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to check your heater’s annual tune-up off your list.

Rose Oil energy experts are professionals with the knowledge and training to assess your heater’s health in every way. Small tasks, like tightening valves and cleaning coils, can make a big difference in the overall condition of your heating system, but need to be conducted by a pro, unless you’re very familiar with these processes.

Is it time for a tank upgrade?

Quality tanks – for both heating oil and propane – last a long time, but they don’t last forever. The good news is that upgrading your tank actually ends up saving your money in the long-run, since newer tanks have better energy efficiency. We offer reliable heating oil tank installation for existing homes or new construction—we’ll work with your building contractor and other trades professionals on the project.

Plus, there’s no charge to swap out your current propane tank for a new Rose Oil propane tank! We also offer commercial-grade fuel tanks for construction sites. Our Rose Oil tanks are safe, attractive, mobile and easily transported.

Rose Oil can make your life – and your financial situation – more comfortable this year

Rose Oil can meet all your fuel needs for your home or business: propane, heating oil, kerosene, gasoline and diesel.

We have built a solid reputation as your reliable propane delivery company offering competitive pricing, timely and safe propane delivery and superlative customer service in Vance, Franklin, Granville and Warren County. We offer delivery options like automatic fill and will-call to meet your needs, and there are never any hidden fees.

Whether you’re upgrading your heating system or looking for fair kerosene or heating oil pricing in the Piedmont Triangle Region, Rose Oil is the company you can trust, and that’s been the case since we started delivering fuel oil in 1938. Become a customer today, and learn all about how Rose Oil can help make this the best year your heater has ever seen!

Don’t Head Into the Season Without Getting the A-OK on Your Boiler

boiler tune-up north carolinaWinter is just around the corner, and that means it’s more important than ever to get your boiler all ready for winter. It makes sense that people often put off their heater maintenance during the warmer months – nobody is thinking about getting their boiler tuned up when they’re having fun in the sun. But waiting until the coldest weather hits can be a recipe for trouble, especially if you haven’t had your boiler looked at in a while.

Fortunately, no matter how long it’s been since your boiler has seen some TLC, we’ve got you covered at Rose Oil. Read on to learn more about what a boiler maintenance check involves, and why it’s a good idea – the sooner, the better.

Why Do You Need a Boiler Maintenance Check?

A boiler checkup may sound pretty simple. But in truth, a reputable maintenance check on your heating system, whether you have a boiler or furnace, should be thorough. After all, you want to be sure any problems, even minor ones, are discovered and addressed before the issue is exacerbated, causing hefty damage, either to your physical heating system, or financially!

What Does a Boiler Maintenance Check Involve?

Boilers work differently than a lot of heaters, and their maintenance needs are specific. Issues with boilers tend to occur in two main categories: neglected routine maintenance and defective low water cutoffs. To ensure safe operation and extend the life of your boiler, an inspection and tune-up should focus on the following factors:

  1. The Low Water Cut Off (LWCO) and Auxiliary Low Water Cut Off (ALWCO) must be disassembled and examined. Any debris, buildup, broken refractory chunks, soot, scale, sludge or corrosion will need to be removed.
  2. Your boiler equipment, including the water cutoffs and refractory, should be cleaned thoroughly at least annually, both inside and outside. This prevents future buildup and corrosion – and related repair costs. Don’t forget to clean the boiler room, too!
  3. The water cutoffs will also need to be analyzed for any possible switch defects in the electrical system, and defects should be corrected by an experienced technician.
  4. Check the water levels and the load on your boiler to make sure they are in line with manufacturer guidelines.
  5. Your energy professional will also check your burners and gas regulator to make sure the settings and pressure are correct.
  6. Your boiler should be tested for any possible leakage, including cracks, gaps, or seeping from the pipes or tubing joints.
  7. Take a look at the air currents and ducts surrounding your boiler. Could they be impacting your airflow and thus the boiler’s functionality?
  8. The safety valves should be inspected, tested and, depending on their condition, either replaced or recertified. Testing the safety valves should always involve a bubble fuel test of the fuel train to look for leaks. Again, this is conducted by a trained professional.

Steer Clear of DIY Boiler Maintenance.

You may be tempted to tinker with your boiler or try your own maintenance, but it just isn’t worth it. Firstly, you could unwittingly void your warranty or service plan by doing so, since all but the most routine boiler maintenance tasks should only be conducted by experienced professionals. Secondly, you could harm your boiler, your property or yourself. Tinkering can lead to fires, heater damage, and costly repairs.

Rose Oil Has You – And Your Boiler – Covered.

Rose Oil is on hand and ready to tackle whatever issue you are having with your boiler – whether you are due for an upgrade, just need a tune-up, repairs, or even refueling. Rose Oil provides service through many counties within North Carolina– Vance, Granville, Franklin, Warren, Wake, Durham, Wilson, and South Side Virginia counties.

Give us a call today, to learn more about what our energy experts can do for you!

All Industries Can Benefit from Propane Fuel

propane services north carolinaIf you need fuels for your North Carolina business, Rose Oil can handle the job with our trained professionals. Restaurants, hotels, resorts, dry cleaners, greenhouses, farms, offices and warehouses are among the many businesses in North Carolina that rely on propane service and propane delivery to keep their operations prospering.

Industries We Serve

Food service

Restaurants and commercial kitchens use propane for cooking, and that means saved time and money. With propane appliances like grills, ranges, cooktops and ovens, there’s no more wasting time cooling your heels while the burners get hot. Propane creates an instant flame-powered heat, allowing a restaurant to operate at optimum pace compared to traditional electric kitchens.


Landscape companies can use propane for their commercial mowers. If your landscaping work is commercial, your own clients who want to reduce their carbon footprints may be excited about your going green by switching to propane, which has far less emissions than traditional commercial fuels.


Propane-powered forklifts can work both indoors and out, making it an ideal choice for warehouses and factories. Because propane is eco-friendly, nontoxic and safely contained in a propane cylinder or tank, a propane forklift doesn’t harm the air quality when used indoors.


Commercial propane heaters keep barns, livestock and greenhouses warm. It also is an energy-efficient, cost-effective method of drying crops. Farmers in remote areas can have their fuel delivered through our tank loaner program, letting them take full advantage of the time in each day.


Propane is a go-to fuel for generating temporary heating at a construction site. It’s also beneficial for your building timeline, since all of your vehicles and equipment can be powered all day at your construction sites, once you’re all set up with our tank-loaner program.

A Variety of Propane Options to Meet Your Business’s Needs

Rewards and Incentives for Greener Fuel Can Benefit Your Business

Sometimes, going green can save you green! In the residential-construction industry, for instance, smart builders often incorporate propane into their design plans for high-efficiency propane homes. Building with propane is much better for the environment than electricity, and utilizing propane in a home design can earn points toward LEED certification.

Backup Generators for All Industries

You don’t want to be without power, and neither do your employees and customers. That means thinking about options for a backup power source. Propane is also the best choice for backup generators for businesses (and homes), since it can be stored indefinitely and will not deteriorate over time, like gasoline, or thicken in cold weather, like diesel.

If Your Business Uses Propane in and around Franklin County, We Can Help.

No matter what type of business you have, we can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint with the help of propane. In turn, you can spend your saved time and energy on growing your business! Reach out today to learn more about what Rose Oil can do for you.

Top 4 Reasons to Tune-Up your Heater Now

Scheduling a fall heater tune-up is more important than many people realize. Whether your heater is on the newer side or has been around for decades – especially if it’s been around for decades – a yearly tune-up and inspection can save you money on your energy bills this season, throughout North Carolina and Southside Virginia counties.

Save your dough

Most household spend up to a third of their utility bills on heating costs, but with regular maintenance, you can save big. Like almost everything, heaters work best when they are in good shape. Clogs, buildup, and dirty air filters can all decrease heater efficiency, but removing those obstructions allows air to flow more easily, while using less energy – and that adds up to savings for you.

Reduced repairs

Lots of heater problems start out rather minor, but they can turn into major issues when ignored. A straightforward fix now can save you a big fix – and the big cost that comes with it – next season. Maintenance tasks as simple as tightening a belt or cleaning your systems coils can prevent bigger issues down the road and save you money on costly repairs.

Let your heater live longer

If you’ve grown fond of your decades-old heating system and want to keep it around as long as possible, the energy experts at Rose Oil can teach you tips for keeping your furnace or boiler from kicking the bucket. Two of the best tricks for prolonging your heater’s lifespan include:

  1. Upgrading your thermostat to a smart or programmable unit gives you more control over how your energy is being used. You’d be surprised how much money you can save by allowing your house to grow cooler than your comfort level while you aren’t at home! But more importantly, saving energy means your system won’t have to work as hard, and is less likely to croak on you.
  2. Having an annual heating system tune-up can prolong the life of your heater by preventing the snowball effect of a few minor malfunctions coalescing into a total system failure.

Beat the rush

It should come as no surprise that heaters break most often during the winter, when they are in use. Unfortunately, this means that technicians are busy during peak season. Depending on what is wrong with your heater, special parts may need to be ordered. Don’t let your turkey – or your family – grow cold this holiday season, since an unexpected heater breakdown is preventable.

A tune-up with Rose Oil this fall can save you big headaches later

By taking the time to check for and correct any issues with your heating system, you can prolong your heater’s life and reduce repair costs and energy bills. Reach out to Rose Oil to schedule your tune-up today. One of our experienced energy professionals will make sure you are all set for this coming winter season in Vance, Granville, Franklin, Warren, Wake, Durham, Wilson, and South Side Virginia counties.