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Customers Love Us

Why your neighbors are Rose Oil customers

There’s a reason Rose Oil has been serving the Piedmont Triangle region for more than 80 years. It’s because we value our customers, their needs, their budgets, their time and their opinions. Here’s what some of them had to say about us and why you should also become a Rose Oil customer:

customer reviews north carolina
The prices at Rose Oil Company are very reasonable and fair. The staff always makes themselves available if you need any assistance. Highly recommend them!
—Aaron W.
Great people to deal with! Very courteous, accommodating, friendly and available whenever needed! Affordable, and would highly recommend Rose Oil Company to anyone.
—Brooke McCabe 
Friendly and fantastic staff! Always willing to help with anything. Great people and quality service!
—Stacey Kim
The staff at Rose Oil Company is great! They always make themselves available whenever needed, or if you have any questions. Their customer service is exceptional!
—Erika Watts
Great local, family-owned fuel company offering great prices for their customers.
—Michael Nelson
A great company that supports its community in every way!
—Bo Cheatham