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Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-friendly Fuels

How propane & heating oil are environmentally friendly

earth friendly fuel north carolinaWhether you are getting heating oil or propane from Rose Oil, you know you’re getting a reliable, safe, and energy-efficient fuel to keep your home or business cozy, warm, and productive. But did you know that just by using eco-friendly propane or heating oil, you are also helping the environment and working to reduce your carbon footprint? Read on to learn more about how Rose Oil’s eco-friendly fuels can make a big difference for our world.

Benefits of using home heating oil in North Carolina

Propane is clean-burning

By now, everyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint – that should be all of us, right? – is hopefully on board with propane, due to its green status as a clean-burning fuel with nearly zero carbon emissions. Propane is natural and nontoxic. It doesn’t let off harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and it doesn’t hurt wildlife or contaminate water or soil if released into the environment.

Energy-efficient propane pays off for homes and businesses

In the residential-construction industry, smart builders have been incorporating propane into their design plans for high-efficiency propane homes. Building with propane is much better for the environment than electricity, and utilizing propane in a home design can earn points toward LEED certification.

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There’s a reason Rose Oil has been serving the Piedmont Triangle region for more than 80 years. It’s because we value our customers, their needs, their budgets, their time and their opinions. Become a customer, or find out more about our fuel oil services in Vance, Granville, Franklin, Warren, Wake, Durham, Wilson, and South Side Virginia counties.

We have built a solid reputation for offering our customers competitive pricing, timely and safe propane delivery, and superlative customer service – and we are proud to do our part to stop climate change and protect the environment.