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Why Tuning Up Your Heating System Is Important

Top 4 Reasons to Tune-Up your Heater Now

Scheduling a fall heater tune-up is more important than many people realize. Whether your heater is on the newer side or has been around for decades – especially if it’s been around for decades – a yearly tune-up and inspection can save you money on your energy bills this season, throughout North Carolina and Southside Virginia counties.

Save your dough

Most household spend up to a third of their utility bills on heating costs, but with regular maintenance, you can save big. Like almost everything, heaters work best when they are in good shape. Clogs, buildup, and dirty air filters can all decrease heater efficiency, but removing those obstructions allows air to flow more easily, while using less energy – and that adds up to savings for you.

Reduced repairs

Lots of heater problems start out rather minor, but they can turn into major issues when ignored. A straightforward fix now can save you a big fix – and the big cost that comes with it – next season. Maintenance tasks as simple as tightening a belt or cleaning your systems coils can prevent bigger issues down the road and save you money on costly repairs.

Let your heater live longer

If you’ve grown fond of your decades-old heating system and want to keep it around as long as possible, the energy experts at Rose Oil can teach you tips for keeping your furnace or boiler from kicking the bucket. Two of the best tricks for prolonging your heater’s lifespan include:

  1. Upgrading your thermostat to a smart or programmable unit gives you more control over how your energy is being used. You’d be surprised how much money you can save by allowing your house to grow cooler than your comfort level while you aren’t at home! But more importantly, saving energy means your system won’t have to work as hard, and is less likely to croak on you.
  2. Having an annual heating system tune-up can prolong the life of your heater by preventing the snowball effect of a few minor malfunctions coalescing into a total system failure.

Beat the rush

It should come as no surprise that heaters break most often during the winter, when they are in use. Unfortunately, this means that technicians are busy during peak season. Depending on what is wrong with your heater, special parts may need to be ordered. Don’t let your turkey – or your family – grow cold this holiday season, since an unexpected heater breakdown is preventable.

A tune-up with Rose Oil this fall can save you big headaches later

By taking the time to check for and correct any issues with your heating system, you can prolong your heater’s life and reduce repair costs and energy bills. Reach out to Rose Oil to schedule your tune-up today. One of our experienced energy professionals will make sure you are all set for this coming winter season in Vance, Granville, Franklin, Warren, Wake, Durham, Wilson, and South Side Virginia counties.